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The Buying Process

We are the largest estate, equestrian, unique home and country property specialists in Chester County.

Our Performance In Numbers:

The value of all combined transactions in the past 10 years

The value of all combined transactions in the past two years

The value of our combined currently listed properties

We are among the Top 50 agents in the Delaware Valley

We are among the Top 10 agents in Chester County

We know what it’s like and have been through it before. Buying real estate is not only a financial transaction, but also an emotional process. It is paramount that you find the right realtor to help guide you through the process. Your choice of realtor is a serious decision. A good realtor can help you find a home at the right price. A good realtor can walk you through the process. But a great realtor utilizes their experience, knowledge, thorough analysis of the market and reputation in the industry to manage the process professionally and achieve your goals.

We dare to say that we are great realtors and this is how we work:

1. Initial Meeting

We are eager to find out what your needs, plans, goals, wants are so that we can pinpoint what you are looking for. We also present our services and discuss the financial aspects of buying a property.

2. Follow-up Meeting

Once we have agreed to move forward, we meet again to solidify our relationship. We sign an agreement to work together and take an initial look at properties available that fit your specifications.

3. The Home Search Process

After we have identified properties that fit your needs and wants, we hit the streets to find the right property for you. Normally, we view between 1 to 6 properties per visit.

4. Making An Offer

Once you find a property that you are excited about potentially buying, we prepare and execute an offer for you. We analyze the various aspects of the property, discuss this with you and take you through any potential negotiations.

5. Closing Process

When you and the seller have come to an agreement, you will be under contract to purchase the property. We assist you with deadlines, documents, questions, and recommend professional vendors to help you in your home researching process. Finally, we accompany you at closing.

Contact us and find out more about how we can work together with you.