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There's Something About Chester County, PA...

Stewart, Holly and Stephen Gross

 Holly, Stephen and Stewart share their favorite things about living in Chester County in Mainline Today.

Holly has lived more or less her whole life in the countryside, and loves the stunning landscape that she prefers to enjoy on horseback. Stephen, who returned to the area after a decade in various countries such as China, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Sweden, is also a big fan of the rolling hills, vast fields and lush woods. As an ultra marathon runner, he spends a lot of time on trails around the Unionville area. "The feeling when you're out running and you suddenly spot a bald eagle flying over you is amazing. There's something humbling about being out in nature and realizing that everything is connected", says Stephen. Stewart, who is a professional bicyclist as well as being a Realtor, claims that the biking in Chester County is probably one of the best biking areas in the nation. "I lived in Colorado for a long time, and the biking there is great - but I dare say that the biking here is better."

Aside from being a great place for outdoor activities, Chester County has something to offer for everyone, whether it be art, culture, sports, restaurants, bars, shopping and great schools. There is always something happening in Chester County!


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