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Mr. Chester County.

Chester County, PA, with it's unique light and rolling, lush landscape, would not be what it is today if it was not for Mr. George A. "Frolic" Weymouth. Thanks to him and the Brandywine Conservancy, we can enjoy 62,000 acres of protected land in Chester County as well as invaluable art. This article pays a lovely tribute to Frolic and his legacy. 

Frolic Weymouth - photo by Jim Graham

Photo by Jim Graham, who has also written this great article.

Just Another Day In The Office

Our "office" yesterday was the beautiful and historically significant Warwick Furnace. As you can see, preparing a property for listing sometimes includes rolling up your sleeves and mowing the lawn with an Ancient, rusty hand mower.

Warwick Furnace

4th Best County To Live: Chester County, PA

Just came across this Huffington Post article about the Top 10 Best Counties in the US. Chester County is ranked as number 4!

Sure, the article is from 2014 but it is still true - Chester County is an American haven with its beautiful rolling landscape, colonial architecture and friendly people. Add lots of great schools, a world-class equestrian scene and the ability to do a lot of things outdoors (thanks to land preservation and plenty of great natural parks etc) and there you have it. Chester County, PA. A great place to live. 

fairview rd


Staging Your Home Is Usually Worthwhile

This New York Times article is quite interesting and regards something that we are noticing more and more when selling a property, namely that staging can make a big difference in successfully selling your home. De-cluttering and cleaning are two obvious things to do before listing a house, but the simple fact is that often, a bigger effort should be made.

Understandably, a lot of people feel reluctant to doing things like re-painting, changing floors, moving around or change furniture, removing art and so on, simply because you have chosen these items because you like them and they are part of your home. And subsequently, your home is part of you. But the thing is, that staging your home - i.e. making it less "you" and instead more impersonal and more generic to appeal to a bigger market - is essentially a marketing tool. Call it "product packaging". It is not supposed to be a presentation or reflection of you and your taste. It is simply a way of presenting a home so that a potential buyer can envision themselves living there without being distracted by the current owner's personality and taste. And although there are never any guarantees, realtors' general perception is that staging will usually help a home sell faster and for a higher price. 

 Before and After

Equestrian Lifestyle For Everyone

Whether you're into horses or not, Point-To-Points are so much fun and a great opportunity to spend a day with an equestrian angle in beautiful countryside. As Spring arrives in the Chester County area, so are the Point-to-Points; starting with the Cheshire Point-to-Point at the end of March. This year, it took place on Easter Sunday and included a very exciting lady side saddle race for the first time. The kids were not disappointed either, as they got to go Easter Egg Hunting in some ruins on the Plantation Field where the races took place. 

On Sunday, April 3rd, the Radnor Hunt sponsors the Brandywine Hills Point-to-Point. Come rain or shine, we will be there and enjoy a fun day for the whole family. 


SideSaddleJimGrahamThe amazing riders in The Inaugural Mrs. Miles Valentine Memorial Side Saddle Race.

Picture borrowed by MiddleburgLife.com 

Whitewall Farm is the Home Of The Month in County Lines Magazine

We are so excited! One of our listings, the beautiful Whitewall Farm in Honeybrook, is featured as “Home Of The Month” in County Lines Magazine's upcoming May issue. We had the pleasure of guiding the lovely Jo Anne Durako, Editor at County Lines, around Whitewall Farm a sunny day in March. Jo Anne seemed charmed by the main house’s historical architecture combined with the modern high ceilings and interior. We also dare say that she was quite impressed with the 27-stall stable and indoor riding facilities!

See more of Whitehall Farm.

(Actually, Whitewall Farm was also featured in Philly Magazine in October last year - the headline was "World Class" and we could not agree more)



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