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Holly Gross Group Honored For Successful Sales Record

We are so proud to share that we were honored at the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Annual Convention on March 13th! Stewart went out to Arizona to represent us as Holly herself was unable to attend, and we had the pleasure of recieving not one, but two awards.

The 15 Year Legend Award is the highest sales award in Berkshire Hathaway and is achieved after 15 years in the Chairman's Circle; a position exclusive to the highest selling agents in the company. In addition to that, we also received the Platinum Level (once again!), which is the highest level in the Chairman's Circle and puts us at the Top 0.5% of Berkshire Hathaway Agents in the nation

It is always encouraging and inspiring when one's hard work is recognized. We are also deeply thankful to all of our wonderful clients that we have had the pleasure to work with throughout the years.  


Holly Gross Group 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Chairmans Award

Holly Gross Group Awards

Berkshire Hathaway Convention

Amazing Renovation Of An Old Chester County Cottage.

Before and after pictures are always fun and inspiring to look at, but when we saw what had been done to 107 Galvin Circle, our jaws literally dropped. When Megill Homes, a builder, bought this property in 2010, the house was falling apart and it basically seemed like there was nothing to save. However, Megill Homes looked passed the deteriorated facade and the murky interior with its peeling walls and created an absolutely stunning home that won the prestigious Pyramide Award in 2010 for Best Residential Renovation in Chester and Delaware County!

Take a look at the inspiring photos below! And if you want to learn more about 107 Galvin Circle, click here.

 107 Galvin Circle Before and After

107 Galvin Circle Before and After 2

107 Galvin Circle Before and After 3

107 Galvin Circle Before and After 4

107 Galvin Circle Before and After 5


There are always a lot of things going on in Chester County, PA. This unique area with it's scenic landscape and beautiful architecture has so much to offer everone, of all ages. One of the annual highlights is coming up this Friday, when the Budweiser Clydesdales deliver spirits to the watering holes in downtown West Chester. The town residents fill the sidewalks to watch these powerful animals pass by along Gay Street and Market Street. We've also heard that they are getting tacked up outside the police station, so that's probably the place to be if you want to get a closer look at the giant horses... 



Photo from DowntownWestChester.com 

Local Treasure Trifecta - Warwick Furnace Farm In County Lines Magazine

As we have mentioned before, we are proudly representing French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust in the sale of the historic Warwick Furnace Farm. The trust acquired Warwick Furnace in 2015 and preserved 1,200 acres of land through a joint effort with local, regional and national groups. It's truly a special place for many reasons; something that County Lines Magazine is acknowledging in their September issue! It's a lovely article about the property and if you can't read it in the printed copy, you can read it here. Here's a preview of the article:

County Lines Online Local Treasure Trifecta




The (late) Spring Real Estate Market

Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach very recently published this year's 2nd issue of the Chairman's Report, containing some updates and expections on the Real Estate market in the Philadelphia metropolitan region, including PA, NJ and DE. Overall, the report is positive and optimistic:

  • More houses are needed to meet the growing demand.
  • With the exception of high-end properties, we are now in a seller's market and buyers must be ready to act fast when they find a property they want. 
  • There has been a modest but steady price growth in this market area. Median sales price reached its post-recession low of $230,000 in 2012, but now, median sales price is up at $244,000. 
  • Interest rates are at a 3-year low
  • Consumer confidence is good
  • There is plenty of mortgage money available
  • Stock market and oil prizes are stabilizing 

The full report can be read here. If you are interested in selling or buying a property, contact us - it would be our pleasure to assist you!

700 Byrd Rd porch

A beautiful porch (with house) for sale - click the picture too see more. 

How To Transform A Jewel In Disguise Into A Beautiful Diamond

Anyone who has been in the process of buying a home knows that, often, there are some "No's" before you find that "Yes". And sometimes it takes a little bit of imagination and creativity (and good contractors!) in order to reveal the hidden gem that you want to call your home. When the current owners of Brandybend Farm first looked at the property, they instantly recognized the farm's underlying beauty and realized all they had to do was to give it some polish to really make it shine. 

"There were so many things to like: a small farm on the Brandywine Creek; a charming stone farmhouse; a large stone bank barn with a stunning floor to ceiling fireplace. You can’t just build a property like that. It takes, quite literally, centuries for a house to earn the sort of history that Brandybend has," said the owner. "The beauty of the barn really spoke for itself even before we did anything, but we had to give it a good polish to bring out its full potential."

1573 Camp Linden Rd Barn before and after"Since the stone and fireplace are really the feature elements, I think the repointing may have made the biggest differenceWe also hired Terrain at Styers to transform the patio area behind the barn with retaining walls, large stone steps, and flower beds."

Fortunately, they had little issues to speak of in the renovation process as everything progressed smoothly. "We hired an amazing interior designer named Wendy Danziger who helped us find the most wonderful contractors in our area. Based on previous experiences in cities like DC and NYC, we were actually a little bit surprised by the excellent experience we had with every one of our contractors in Chester County. Everyone was so friendly, and even made us feel welcome in the community right away."

The owners, a young couple who bought Brandybend Farm as their first home and who are now looking to move to a bigger home, are certain that whoever takes over Brandybend Farm after them will be very happy there. "Situated behind the historic village of Marshallton, on a hill overlooking a quiet bend in the Brandywine for which it got its name, Brandybend is truly a piece of history. There are many beautiful homes in Chester County, but there is something special about that piece of land that makes you want to just take a deep breath and relax. It’s a beautiful, peaceful spot." 

See the before and after pictures of Brandybend Farm below, and if you wish to learn more about the property, click here:


1573 Camp Linden Rd Barn door before and after


1573 Camp Linden Rd Fireplace before and after


1573 Camp Linden Rd Porch view before and after


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