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The Heart Of The Home

Not too long ago, the kitchen was usually tucked away in the back of the house and was merely a working space. Affluent households would usually not even step foot in the kitchen, as it was the steamy territory of cooks and servants. As time has passed, the kitchen has become not only the heart of the home where many social gatherings occur, but also very much a status symbol (kitchens are, as known, expensive) as well as an expression of the personality of the home's owner. For many of us, the kitchen is the room where we spend most of our time - aside from our bedroom - and it is also one of the most important considerations when we are looking to buy a new home. It may be one of the most exhausting projects to renovate, but also one of the most fun, as the satisfaction level of a new kitchen is incredibly high!

Below, we have compiled kitchens from some of our listings - all with different characteristics. Have a look, get inspired!

8 Penn Dr Kitchen

635 Font Rd Kitchen334 W Street Rd Kitchen641 Webb Rd Kitchen

438 Groundhog College Rd Kitchen121 Leopold Ct Kitchen