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A Celebratory Sunday at Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue

We were overjoyed to celebrate with our friends at Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue the opening of their new adoption center this past weekend. The center has been the culmination of a significant fund raising effort and will help Greenmore to more smoothly execute its noble mission of rescuing animals in danger and providing them with a second lease on life. 
Greenmore Farm is a 6-acre farmette located in West Marlborough Township, Chester County. The farm currently consists of a 7 stall horse stable, 4 fenced pastures, several sheds, a chicken coop, the brand new adoption center and a fabulous view of the surrounding countryside! Rescue Dogs are housed in a kennel on the property as well as in foster homes. Greenmore Farm is managed and maintained by our friends, Julia Altman and Jack Merritt, along with a wonderful team of caring and dedicated volunteers. Julia and Jack are also clients of the Holly Gross Group and purchased the farm back in 2010 with Holly as their agent. 
Greenmore Farm has saved more than 3,000 lives to date!
Among those are countless dogs, cats, horses and other animals, including the wonderfully eclectic group caught in this action shot from our visit this past weekend - an Emu, two pigs, several goats, and many more fun new friends! Stephen's son, Henry, cannot wait to return!!
Thank you and congratulations to Julia, Jack and the whole Greenmore Farm team!
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